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I am the Owner of and Certified Relationship Therapist for Love Grows: The Relationship Consultants, a boutique firm focused on healthy relationships. Let me share something with you, therapy does not mean you are ‘crazy’ or something is wrong. Therapy is not something to fear or be embarrassed about. Instead I encourage you to view therapy simply as a health and wellness tool. Life is about relationships and the relationship you have with self determines and influences all of the relationships in your life. Throughout my 15+ years of experience, be it as a former university professor, a group therapist with adolescent and teens in an academic setting, conducting family therapy sessions, workshops, keynotes or premarital sessions; one thing remains true for all of us…we want to be seen, heard, validated and loved.



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Graduate degrees in Psychology & Public Health

J. William Fulbright Scholar

Voted Best in Premarital Counseling by Texas Brides

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Over 15 years of experience

Sessions for: Individuals, Romantic Partnerships & Mothers-Daughters

Same Sex Couples Welcomed