Love grows & the green sofa

Love Grows collaborated with The Green Sofa for a 4 part series on the beauty and importance of vulnerability and the transformation that occurs when we are courageous to be honest and transparent with self. One thing I know for certain is when we do the work to heal our emotional wounds, our entire perspective changes. Our relationships with others (personal, family, professional, romantic, society, etc) improve because the relationship with self has improved. It is from this healthy emotional space we learn how to respect that everyone is on their own journey and instead of trying to convince, convert or condemn (The Crippling 3Cs) them, we simply meet them where they are and establish healthy boundaries accordingly.

Videographer: JWill of G5 Film Productions

what is the green sofa?

Misha of Love Grows collaborates with Seneca Dunmore for The Green Sofa series. In this episode, Misha and Seneca share the purpose of this collaboration and creation of The Green Sofa series.

shame part 1

How do you define shame? What are you ashamed of? Have you ever been shamed and if so by who...Family? Friends? Society? Strangers? The Church/Religion? Join us for Episode 3 where Misha and Seneca are joined on the Green Sofa by Lillia and together they have an extremely candid, courageous, transparent, vulnerable conversation about life choices, healing and life on the other side.

the introduction

Misha and Seneca come from two different backgrounds and on this episode they share a bit of how their experiences influenced their life journey.

shame part 2

Lillia joins us for Part 2 where she shares how the relationship with the fathers of her children and their relationship with their children improved exponentially when she began to do the work to heal her emotional wounds. Click the video to learn how she learned how to co-parent from a space of patience, understanding, grace and love.

dating & relationships

Who should make the first move with online dating or in person? What is the difference between a Meet & Greet and proper date? What's Misha and Seneca's opinion on the strong woman who doesn't need a man? We invite you to view E.2 for the answers to these questions and so much more.