“Life is about relationships and the relationship you have with self determines and influences all of the relationships in your life.”



Meet Misha


Hi I am Misha N. Granado, MPH, MS a Certified Relationship Therapist specializing in healthy relationships. In my 15+ years experience working with a diverse population, one thing is true for all: we all want to be heard, seen, validated and loved. Unfortunately due to emotional wounds, many of us have blocks which impede our ability to receive and/or give these. One of the best and most sustainable ways to remove these blocks is by healing them through therapy. Therapy is simply a part of your health and wellness regimen along with your PCP, financial planner, barber/beautician, etc.

This is what I do, simply put I help you ‘unclog your heart and mind’ making room for love to grow, beginning with self. The best way to improve your relationships (i.e.personal, family, romantic, professional) is to improve the relationship with self. I would be honored to become a member of your wellness team.

Therapy Sessions

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At Love Grows our customized therapy sessions are for individuals, romantic partnerships (dating, engaged, married, divorced, widow), and parenting (mother-daughters). Conflicts in relationships often stem from feelings being hurt and hurt feelings are an indication of misunderstandings or an emotional wound being touched. Unfortunately, there is a lot of unhealthy, toxic behavior that has become normal. These toxic behaviors and unhealthy interactions result in relationships ending or of poor quality, being kicked out of the ‘circle of trust,’ hardening of your heart, exacerbating emotional wounds.

Other Services

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Relationships are work, but the work is for each party to do their part to heal their emotional wounds which hinder your ability to recognize, receive and reciprocate love.”

Love Grows is the result of various seeds planted in my heart through my experience as a university psychology professor, a group therapist at an all-girl school, a family therapist and from healing pieces of my broken heart.
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