There are no words to clearly articulate just how much your book moved me. God placed your incredible book in my hands, yet another amazing confirmation that God really does know exactly what you need before you even ask. Misha, you are truly love. Your words and wisdom are beyond measure.
— Courtney

Misha N. Granado

the —

Writer, Writing Love into Existence

Misha is the author of B.L.O.O.M. Becoming Love to Overcome Obstacles in Me, an inspirational journal with the purpose of encouraging the reader to go within to identify their role in their relationships, not just romantic, but all of the relationships in their life (professional, friends, family) especially the relationship with self. 

Misha has contributed her expertise about love and healthy relationships to a myriad of organizations and companies such as: 

and is a featured contributor for EXaholics, an online community providing support for individuals who are on a journey to heal their emotional wounds that resulted from a relationship ending either by choice or circumstance. Additionally she serves as a 'Pro' providing online relationship advice on a website for the popular movie The Other Woman which stars Cameron Diaz, Nicki Minaj, Kate Upton and Nikolaj Coster-Waldu. 


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