Love grows & brunch and slay

Love Grows and is so much better when we collaborate. I absolutely love the way Ameerah and her Brunch & Slay Lifestyle Series is creating a fun, inviting and stylish space for women to connect and collaborate. As we get older it becomes a bit challenging to meet and co-create friendships with other women. Ameerah experienced this when she relocated to a new city and instead of complaining about it she created something to fill the void. Its been a year and BAS continues to evolve and I am excited to join their new adventure: The BAS Podcast as the resident relationship therapist sharing all sorts of tips and tools to help you co-create beautiful and healthy relationships in your life. - Misha 

Videographer: Keda Sharber

brunch & slay podcast

Brunch and Slay (BAS), a lifestyle event series, created by Ameerah Saine, is all about getting women just like me and you together at fun stylish events to motivate each other to follow our dreams and achieve our goals. I am excited to join Ameerah and the BAS family as they embark on a new adventure the BAS Podcast!

5 tips for improving your adult relationship with your parents

There is a saying, "You have to teach people how to treat you" and this is also applicable to our parents. For some families the transition is quite smooth, whereas for others some parents do not have healthy boundaries which becomes quite problematic when their adult children enter into romantic relationships and/or become parents. Click the video above for a few tips on how to improve the parent-adult child dynamic. 

communication 101

The majority of our conflicts, misunderstandings and hurt feelings can be avoided when we become responsible and accountable for both our verbal and non verbal communication. Click the video above as Misha shares 4 Quick Tips to Improve Your Communication.

3 Things to Consider Before Ending a FRIENDSHIP

Life is a journey and along this journey we co-establish and nurture various friendships. However, as we continue along our paths, it is normal and quite healthy for friendships to change and as they change, expectations should also evolve. Some individuals have difficulty with change and as a result their inability to adjust may cause stress and tension within the friendship. Click the video above for tips on what to consider to determine if it is time to redefine, restructure or close the friendship. 

Tips for better dating

Dating does not need to be as complicated as we make it. One reason dating feels so cumbersome is because we place enormous expectations on the date. Dating is an opportunity to meet someone new, have a conversation and share a space. Click video for 5 Tips for Better Dating.